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Woodford is an Australian band from the Hawkesbury, on the edge of Sydney. The group first performed together in 2004 while at University studying music, and after a period of individual projects, the four members of Woodford have recently combined under that name. Led by front man Nick Woodford, they’ve been performing at venues around Sydney, focusing on delivering a great live experience.

Woodford’s music has been compared to that of the Beatles, Newton Faulkner and Crowded House, owing to their use of vocal harmonies and a large range of dynamics. Improvisation from all four band members often occurs in Woodford’s music, and when performing, they’ll often extend and improvise over certain sections of songs, if the vibe is right on the night.

As far as genre goes, Woodford makes no attempt to fit into any specific niche or market. Instead, their interests lie in making music for music’s sake – if it sounds good and feels right, they’ll do it. They aim to create music that will last, in an industry that is constantly changing.

Despite only forming recently, Woodford have several projects in the works, including “Couch Music” - a semi-regular feature, involving the band and a constantly relocating couch. The band is interested in continuing their focus on live music for the time being, as they aim towards future tours of Australia, in order to bring their sound to the rest of the country.